First SPS recruit class graduates from Justice Institute of B.C. Police Academy

SPS recruit class graduates with senior SPS officers. Photo: SPS

SURREY Police Service (SPS) is celebrating the graduation of the its very first class of recruits from the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) Police Academy on March 10. These 14 qualified municipal constables will now officially begin their policing careers here in Surrey, with their deployment into operational policing beginning on March 13.

Selected from over 500 applicants, this group of 14 recruits began their training with SPS in April 2022 before heading off to the JIBC Police Academy in May. Their training included five weeks of onboarding with SPS, 23 weeks of training at the JIBC, and 18 weeks of field training on the frontline in Surrey.

All these recruits have extensive volunteer backgrounds and work experiences ranging from criminal justice to security to community outreach. The group includes a former intelligence operator with the Canadian Navy, police victim services workers, a national medalist in wrestling, and a former shelter coordinator.

SPS Chief Constable Norm Lipinski .
Photo: SPS

“Congratulations to our first class of recruits on their graduation. This will forever be a significant memory for these new police officers, and it is an equally important milestone for Surrey Police Service,” said SPS Chief Constable Norm Lipinski on Friday. “I look forward to working with these officers and the many others who will graduate from future JIBC classes wearing the SPS uniform.”

These 14 constables will be deployed into frontline operational policing beginning next week.  They are the only SPS resources currently approved by the Surrey RCMP for the scheduled March 2023 deployment.

More information about becoming an SPS recruit can be found at:


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