Flights arranged for Canadians in India

CANADIAN High Commissioner Nadir Patel in New Delhi tweeted on Monday that “for Canadians in India wanting to return home, flights have been arranged from Delhi & Mumbai to depart in the coming days.”

He added: “Details to follow on ROCA messaging service. For those outside of Delhi and Mumbai driving distance, we are exploring options for you.”

Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne also tweeted: “We have facilitated a series of commercial flights from Delhi and Mumbai for Canadian travellers stranded in India to return home.

“More details to follow.

” Canadians in India should register here:

But Canadians in Punjab tweeted they are not sure how they could get “curfew or transport passes” to travel to New Delhi to catch their flight since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced last week on Tuesday a 21-day nationwide lockdown that were supposed to bring everything except essential services to a halt in that country.

One Canadian tweeted: “To get to delhi we have to go through haryana (a state). but haryana borders are closed as of now. will we be exempted and given some type of document to be shown to them?”


On Tuesday, Patel tweeted: “For #Canadians in #Nepal, we are working urgently to find a solution to get you home. We are in discussion with airlines & authorities to see what’s possible under challenging circumstances; if you haven’t already sent in the survey, please do so as it helps us map your location.”


  1. I am a Canadian citizen stranded in India as well. I have heard that in Canada the government is penalizing businesses that are raising prices and gouging Canadians during this crisis.

    Are you aware that they are charging us 4 times the actual cost of this one way flight i.e. $2900!! Plus other transportation and boarding expenses in addition to that!

    Whoever is in charge of making these arrangements, obviously thinks this is a great opportunity to exploit and rip off helpless people caught in unfortunate circumstances, and they seem to have the Canadian government’s blessing!

  2. My parents and my sister is in new dehli and haven’t received any information on the flight.
    Any hope because my parents need their medications and my sister works at pharmacy so we need her to come back to serve home

  3. My husband is in Kerala India and there is no word on flights reaching that area. He has currently run out of his medication for two days. He may survive the pandemic, but he may not survive without his medication with all pharmacies closed for 10 days and hospitals only taking true emergencies.

    He did not leave India when the govt. suggested everyone come home because his travel agent told him he would be detained in the middle east in the lockdown taking place there.

    R. Nayar

  4. My daughter also in Kerala, Cochin. She already registered in ROCA and calls yet. And don’t know how to travel to Bangalore due to the lock down.

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