Former Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum slams lack of transparency at City Council

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum Photo by JAY SHARMA of Mahi Photo Studio

FORMER Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum on Tuesday said in a statement: “It is an affront to transparency and accountability that only the Surrey R.C.M.P. were invited to speak to the City Council last night,” adding that “the current numbers of frontline officers on the ground in Surrey are alarming.”

McCallum pointed out: “The SPS Union has made a shocking revelation today that under the RCMP there is a regular occurrence of only 1-3 officers patrolling the entirety of South Surrey and Cloverdale at night.”

He stressed: “I think it is important for all pertinent information – including current staffing levels by the RCMP in Surrey – to be made publicly available. Withholding such critical facts makes this a manipulated discourse, which is not in the public interest.”



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