Goon tactics by supporters of RCMP fail to unnerve Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum

THE shameful goon tactics once again adopted by those claiming to be supporters of the RCMP, failed to unnerve Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum and his four Councillors – Doug Elford, Laurie Guerra, Allison Patton and Mandeep Nagra – who passed the 2020 five-year financial plan on Monday night. Guerra forcefully noted that the Council had unanimously supported a municipal police force in November 2018.

Earlier this month, The VOICE had reported: “In spite of all the vicious scare tactics that Surrey Councillor Linda Annis and defectors from McCallum’s Safe Surrey Coalition, Councillors Brenda Locke and Jack Hundial, a former RCMP officer, have used to whip up opposition day in and day out to establishing a Surrey municipal police force to replace the RCMP, McCallum and the loyal, principled Councillors Laurie Guerra, Allison Patton, Doug Elford and Mandeep Nagra have steadily gone ahead with the process of having a Surrey Police Department.

“It is absolutely disgraceful and appalling that those supporting the RCMP have resorted to gangster tactics. Indeed, it is ironical.

“Some of them have publicly sworn and yelled at Guerra and Patton (as Guerra told a reporter), quite obviously to intimidate them. Guerra also told the reporter that she had been receiving threatening emails after she, McCallum, Patton, Elford and Nagra had voted to pass the budget on Monday [December 2] night. (The budget was passed by a 5-4 vote).”

On Monday, December 16, the same RCMP supporters once again resorted to goon tactics, but McCallum outwitted them all by ruling that the opposition Councillors would not be able to speak due to safety conditions.

The RCMP supporters have ended up not only disgracing themselves, but also embarrassing the Surrey RCMP. Some of them have even tried to make it into a racist issue.

Some sections of the mainstream media have also openly supported those opposing McCallum, including one TV station in particular, with many wondering what connection their reporter or reporters may have with the RCMP.



  1. It is difficult to buy, extort, bribe, or influence by caste or family, RCMP officers as they are posted to Surrey from all over this magnificent country. But then, Mountie brass should ensure the best recruits, and seasoned vets are posted in Surrey, those who are not seeking transfer, simply because many Surrey residents fear police, and do not cooperate fully because of dealings with archaic and corrupt police in their home countries. Yes, Surrey is a difficult assignment.
    I was surprised that there was resistance to assist CSIS, and the RCMP in their investigation of the worst mass murder in Canadian history, (air India bombing), by some Surreyites, so I am worried that a private city police force would be heavily influenced, and become corrupt, just as the BC Police were in too many instances until they were replaced by the Mounties.
    I am worried that political, and police corruption, and subjugated women policies considered the norm in some countries, will become the norm in Surrey.
    McCallum seems to be representing the minority, not the majority as he claims. Eg. Ride sharing is fantastic by my own personal experiences, but the special interest group, taxis, seems in control of McCallums siege mentality mindset.

    • Your opinion is terribly stereotyped – and I am allowing it here because it is a good reflection of the bias / racism (subtle and not-so-subtle) that unfortunately pervades our society. And I am stating that as a Christian and not a Sikh.

  2. Thankyou for your non censorship.
    I love our multiculturealism, which has grown so positive, and continues to grow positively in Canada.
    On our block, we are all friendly neighbours and close; we have Russian, Sikh, Indigenous (married to a white caucasion, and here for thousands of years), us, (scottitsh,/Irish, here since 1698), Chinese from Taiwan, Indo from England, another Indo from England, and Philipines. We all exchange Chrustmas cards, even thiugh I am agnostic, etc.
    Please do not play the race card anymore.
    I dislike Dictators, (eg. Xi Ping, Hitler, Mussolini, etc.), and am appalled at their focused attacks on our democracies.
    I recently came back from a wonderful trip to Scotland and Ireland and was very upset to learn of the English slaughtering of thec Scots, (all boys over the age of 8) after the battle of Culoden, (including 800+ of my Fraser ancestors) and the genocide of the Irish, (potatoe famine).
    You take care fellow Canuck.

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