New Task Force report addresses truck parking issue in Surrey

THE lack of truck parking in Surrey has been a chronic issue in Surrey. In December of last year, Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum and Council established the Truck Parking Task Force to develop deliverable options to increase the supply of truck parking in Surrey. More than 2000 residents, truck owners and operators and industry stakeholders participated in the public engagement sessions, which has resulted in six initiatives that will generate up to 1700 new authorized truck parking spaces in Surrey.

“Despite previous attempts to bring adequate truck parking in Surrey, genuine, long-term solutions never came about,” said McCallum. “The work done by the Truck Parking Task Force in the past 12 months changes that. Beginning next spring, the first of six initiatives recommended in the report will be carried out with the remaining initiatives rolled out by the end of 2020. I want to thank everyone who have participated in the work of the Task Force to help bring realistic and timely solutions to this long-standing issue in Surrey.”

Mandeep Nagra

“City Council recognizes the importance and contributions of Surrey’s trucking industry,” said Surrey Councillor Mandeep Nagra, Chair of the Truck Parking Task Force. “The parking challenges this industry has faced have persisted for far too long, that’s why I am pleased to present the Surrey Truck Parking Strategy. The initiatives that are a result of the Task Force’s work will support the needs of truckers by substantially increasing the number of convenient, accessible and affordable parking spaces for their vehicles in the coming year.”

The on-street truck parking permit program in select industrial areas will start this spring. The remaining initiatives, which will be implemented through 2020, include the development of an app to help drivers find truck parking spaces, and reduction of costs for truck parking developments.

More information on the Surrey Truck Parking Strategy can be viewed here.