Trudeau Government failed to provide compassionate plan for Syrian refugees: Conservatives

Michelle Rempel

MICHELLE Rempel, Conservative Critic for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, on Tuesday said that the Auditor General’s report on settlement services for Syrian refugees tabled in the House of Commons confirmed “the Liberals have failed to provide a compassionate plan that will ensure Syrian refugees can successfully integrate into their new life in Canada.”

She said it’s an issue the Conservatives have been raising for over a year.

Rempel said in a statement: “The audit shows that not only did the Liberals blow past their campaign promise to spend $250 million to resettle Syrian refugees, the Liberals did so while failing to provide sufficient integration support for Syrian refugees, and simultaneously diverting resources away from other refugee groups.

“The audit also shows that the Liberals failed to communicate with service providers and provinces in a timely manner, which resulted in urgent programming needs going unmet.

“The Auditor General today has reported that the government failed to collect information about basic success metrics, such as access to health care and school attendance. This confirms what the Liberals should know by now; that they can’t use photo ops and feel good tweets as a metric of success when the health and prosperity of human beings are at stake.

“It is deeply disturbing that while the Liberal government has failed to provide integration support for Syrian refugees, Justin Trudeau is offering reintegration support for terrorists who took up arms against Canada and our allies. The Prime Minister must answer for his inability to offer a legitimate plan for prospective Canadians and newcomers.”