Gutsy East Asian woman forces Richmond RCMP to take action following racist incident (updated)


Richmond RCMP announced on Friday that they had tracked down the suspects who had accounted for their actions. CBC reported that police said the man responsible had also written a letter of apology to the victims and the East Asian community of Richmond. Kan has accepted the apology and doesn’t want any charges.

JUST how stupid and incompetent was the Richmond RCMP officer who reportedly told an East Asian female victim of racist slurs and apparent threat that because the suspects’ vehicle didn’t belong to a Richmond resident, it would be up to police in another jurisdiction to contact the owners!

Clara Kan, 33, told CBC that she and her mother were out for a stroll on Friday afternoon near Garry Point, when two white men in a car allegedly hurled racist insults at them.

She told CBC that the men shouted: “Hey you! You f–king ch–k … go back to your country! … Look at you with your masks, you’re what’s wrong with society.”

She said that she and her mother yelled back expletives to the men and told them to shut up. They didn’t want anyone to believe the stereotype that Asian women are submissive, timid or easy to scare.

She said she tried to fight back by taking photos and filming the men but it didn’t seem to matter to the men, and as she and her mother tried to walk away, the driver revved his engine loudly, apparently as a threat.

She told CBC she demanded to know what the driver was planning to do and said, “hit me then.” The car lurched forward and her mother started screaming for help. The two men then drove off.

Kan called 911 and gave the licence plate of the suspect vehicle from her photograph. A Richmond RCMP officer arrived within five minutes, but told her that because the vehicle didn’t belong to a Richmond resident, the police in another jurisdiction would have to contact the owners. He also said that the owners may not be the men who were allegedly involved in what had just happened.

She even informed the officer that the shipyard next to which the car was parked had surveillance cameras nearby.

The RCMP seemed to only act when she shared her story on an Instagram account featuring her dog, which has more than 250,000 followers, and it went viral.

CBC said that the RCMP on Saturday issued a statement that said if an incident occurs within the city, it is within their jurisdiction.

The RCMP on Monday issued a press statement that was also carried by this website.

This is what was reported on

ON May 8, Richmond RCMP responded to a disturbance near Garry Point Park where there had been a verbal altercation in which it was alleged that racist slurs were directed at a group of individuals. Frontline officers were dispatched and arrived at the scene within minutes, but prior to police arriving, one of the parties had already left.

Richmond RCMP said on Monday that they have since identified and reached out to all individuals involved. The Richmond RCMP Watch General Investigative Services Unit is assisting with the investigation, which remains active and ongoing.

Richmond RCMP said they take all allegations of hate-related crimes seriously. They added that racism will not be tolerated in any form and will be investigated to the fullest extent.

They are asking anyone who has information pertaining to this incident, to contact them.

‘There needs to be dialogue’

Kan told CBC she is pleased the RCMP now appears to be investigating the incident thoroughly despite their initial response.

She was never interested to see charges laid but wanted to police to make them feel safe and supported.

She wanted the suspects to know that she forgives them.

She told CBC: “There just needs to be dialogue … it’s a hard time for everyone.”