Harwinder Sandhu is the NDP candidate for Kelowna-Mission

HARWINDER Sandhu was acclaimed at a nomination meeting on March 23 as the NDP candidate for Kelowna-Mission.

A trained nurse, Sandhu is an outspoken advocate for health and seniors’ care. As a parent, she worries about our children’s schools and increasing costs for families.
“I’ve seen Christy Clark’s failures to support our children’s schools and her neglect of affordable childcare for young families. Her choices make our healthcare suffer and put our environment at risk,” she said.
“Our costs are going up, but Christy Clark gives her wealthy friends tax breaks while she increases ICBC and Hydro rates for ordinary people.”
“Harwinder Sandhu brings a strong voice to our diverse Okanagan team and Erik Olesen is a young leader determined to build a better BC,” said John Horgan. “They have what it takes to help defeat Christy Clark. It’s time for a government that works for everyday people.”
Born in India, Sandhu immigrated to BC in 2001 and lived in northern BC before moving to the Okanagan. She is married with two daughters.


  1. Where does the NDP stand on MSP Fees and operation Waite lists. We are looking for a change . Tired of the same old ,same old . Can’t afford the high cost on all government run agencies .
    Thanks. Terry Schramm

  2. Eliminating MSP premiums and supporting public healthcare so citizens have healthcare when they need it and unlucky healthcare initiatives to lower wait times. That’s the NDP position.

  3. What is your stance on the Leap Manifesto? Also, how do you feel about the way Thomas Mulcair was treated at the NDP convention.
    Thank you

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