Rebecca Smith is the NDP candidate for Surrey-Cloverdale


SURREY-CLOVERDALE BC NDP on Wednesday announced its candidate for the upcoming provincial election: Rebecca Smith.
Small business owner, community leader, long-time local resident, Rebecca is known for her passionate fight for the people of this community. For close to 20 years, Rebecca has owned and operated a small business. Her firm serves a range of both corporate and non-profit clients. She knows what it takes to make things work and get things done. She is a passionate advocate for health care and mental health in British Columbia. A founding member and past president of BullyFreeBC, she says “It’s time for British Columbians to stop being bullied!”
Rebecca said in a statement: “We are paying taxes for health care, education, roads, public safety, and environmental protection. We pay the government to provide services that we must have to see our dreams realized. We are working harder and longer and getting less and less for our money. After 16 years of Christy Clark and the BC Liberals, Rebecca says “Enough!””
Rebecca said: “I know the people of Surrey-Cloverdale want their kids to have a good education. They want their commute to work to be easy and to spend their free time with family and having fun instead of being stuck on the road. I know that day care shouldn’t equal a second mortgage. I know as a representative of this community I must answer to the people of Surrey-Cloverdale, not big money contributors and donors. I am committed to doing so.”
Rebecca pointed out the NDP commitment to getting big money out of BC politics, to funding education, to eliminate MSP premiums, to building a sustainable economy, and addressing public health, in a real and timely manner. She added: “Our kids, our seniors, our families cannot wait a moment longer.”


  1. Cloverdale needs a Hospital. Ask the ambulance drivers. The waits in the Hall are disgusting.

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