NDP highlights what mainstream media are saying about Clark’s “dreary” platform

WHILE life is getting harder in BC, Christy Clark’s platform maintains her giveaways to the top 2 per cent and offers no solutions for British Columbians struggling with flat wages, rising costs and underfunded services, the NDP noted on Tuesday, highlighting the mainstream media’s comments:

* “This is ‘little’ relief indeed.” – Mike Smyth, The Province
* “One of the dreariest, least-inspiring vision documents put forward by a governing party in recent memory.” – Gary Mason, Globe and Mail
* “For all the talk of ‘1,000 unique ideas’ at the last Liberal convention, the governing party is mostly tinkering at the edges.” – Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
* The plan is devoid of anything except for a “sprinkle of new tax credits.” – Tom Fletcher, Black Press
* “While Liberals play it safe once again, Horgan is preparing to go all in with an ambitious platform, top heavy with the promise of change.” – Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
* “…a symptom of a government that has run out of ideas.” – Gary Mason, Globe and Mail
* “BC Liberals [are] as cynical as ever.” – Tom Fletcher, Black Press
* “The last time Christy Clark kicked off an election campaign, she shot for the moon by promising an economic miracle so massive that it boggled the mind… maybe this explains why Clark decided on a much more modest set of promises in the election platform she unveiled Monday.” – Mike Smyth, The Province