Horgan’s minor shuffle ignores major issues: Wilkinson

RATHER than ditching the growing number of NDP ministers who just aren’t doing their jobs, Premier John Horgan keeps showing a lack of leadership on major issues by trying to distract with a cabinet “shuffle”, said BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson on Wednesday.

He added: “It’s no surprise John Horgan had to replace Jinny Sims while she is under criminal investigation by the RCMP, but swapping two ministers and calling it shuffle to try to trick British Columbians into thinking he’s got a handle on things is just embarrassing. These changes today do nothing to solve the forestry crisis, stop sky-rocketing ICBC rates, stop rent hikes, or stop our province losing jobs every single month.”

Wilkinson said that the NDP job-switch doesn’t address a single concern from British Columbians that have been piling up over the last two years:

  • What happened to the promise to make life more affordable?
  • Where is the $400 annual renters’ rebate?
  • Where is the ICBC fix to unaffordable rates?
  • Why are modular homes in Maple Ridge and Nanaimo being forced upon communities without the approval of residents and without a long term plan to help our most vulnerable?
  • Why are there more, not fewer, portables in Surrey schools after promises to eliminate them completely?
  • Where is the action on the forestry crisis that has been completely ignored?

“This is a government that made big promises and is now making big mistakes by ignoring the people of this province,” said BC Liberal House Leader Mary Polak. “People are stranded with no ride-hailing, traffic is a disaster in the Lower Mainland, thousands of people in the forestry industry have been out of work for months and John Horgan thinks having two ministers swap offices is a solution to this? British Columbians should be angry that this is the level of leadership we’re seeing from the Premier.”