How to get involved in school?




Grade 11 student

Christ The King Catholic Secondary

Georgetown, Ontario


Harnoor in 2011.
Harnoor in 2011.

GETTING involved in your school community is as easy as counting to ten. This is because all you need to do is go and assist around the school. In this article, I will be discussing where to get involved, how I myself am involved, as well as how the benefits of getting involved outweigh the sacrifices.

A school is a place full of opportunities that are available for students. All a student needs to do is to take advantage of their surroundings. Nowadays, there are so many opportunities in school for students to participate in. With the enhancement of technology, students are now able to access opportunities online on school websites on tabs that can be found on the website. The extracurricular activities that students can be a part of are sports, clubs or various activities that go on around the school. When you join sports, you learn about the importance of co-operation and teamwork while having fun at the same time.

Playing a sport in school even allows you to make new friends and these are the friendships that tend to last forever as well. Another way to get involved is through the many clubs that are offered in your school community. If none of the clubs interest you, you can always take the initiative of creating your own club with the help of your principal. In my school, I have clubs that relate to the environment, me to we, student senate, student council, faith, improv, intramural sports and chess.

Ever since I learned about the opportunity of being involved in school, I decided to try it as I moved boards for high school. Now after experiencing this opportunity, I would recommend this to anyone if they feel that they aren’t a part of the school community. This is because by putting yourself out there, you gain more confidence in yourself to try new things. I myself am involved in the student senate, Green Team and basketball. Through the student senate I have not only made new friends but I have also met people with the same mindset which is to improve the student integration into the Halton Catholic District School Board.

Another extra-curricular activity that I’m involved in is the Green Team. Through this, I am involved with the recycling program that I’ve helped to establish as well as special activities such as Earth Hour and Earth Day. Last but not least, I am involved in basketball and it’s probably an opportunity that changed my outlook in high school because of the amount of friends I made from it.

In conclusion, being involved in the school community outweighs the sacrifices. This is because you make new friends, gain confidence, increase your self-esteem and most importantly, feel integrated into your school community. So look into the opportunities that are available for you. Remember high school is only four years long and it’s your choice on how you’re going to make the best of it!