IIO investigating death of Surrey Police Service officer reportedly due to self-inflicted injury

THE Independent Investigations Office (IIO) of BC announced on Wednesday that it is investigating the death of an off-duty member of the Surrey Police Service (SPS).

It said that information provided by the RCMP states that in the afternoon on February 8, police were attempting to locate a man reportedly in distress at a business in the 9900-block of 201 Street of Langley.

The business was a shooting range.

The man, who was identified as an off-duty member of the Surrey Police Service, sustained a serious injury that appears to have been self-inflicted while police were in the building. The man was subsequently pronounced deceased.

The IIO has commenced an investigation, and initial investigative steps will seek to confirm what role, if any, police actions or inactions may have played in the death.

The IIO is asking any person with relevant information regarding the incident to please contact the Witness Line toll-free at 1-855-446-8477 or via the contact form on the iiobc.ca website.

Meanwhile, the Surrey Police Service said in a statement that it learned on Wednesday afternoon of an incident that took place in Langley. It added: “The incident regrettably resulted in the death of an off-duty SPS officer and appears to be self-inflicted. SPS must defer the investigations and details involved to the RCMP and the Independent Investigations Office (IIO).

“SPS wants to acknowledge that the officer was part of our organization and chose a career in law enforcement to assist others. We are working to support the officer’s family and friends, including his SPS work colleagues, during this difficult time.”

Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke said in a statement: “It is difficult and tragic to hear of the death of any first responder. On behalf of Surrey City Council, we extend our deepest sympathies to the officer’s family, friends and colleagues during this extremely difficult time.”



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