Increased weight limit for wide-base single tires to benefit trucking industry, says Province

COMMERCIAL truck drivers using new generation wide-base single tires are now allowed a single-axle weight of 8,500 kilograms, which will assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing fuel efficiency, says the Province.

Since wide-base single tires have proven to be more fuel efficient, truckers will save money on fuel costs. Increasing the weight limit will also reduce the number of trips required to transport goods and help carriers meet their greenhouse gas emission requirements.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure engaged in discussions with the BC Trucking Association, and conducted studies to assess the performance of new generation wide-base single tires.

The decision to increase the weight limit for new generation wide-base single tires that are 455 millimetres or greater, from 7,700 kilograms to 8,500 kilograms, will align B.C. with other provinces that have also recently increased weight allowances. It will ensure the B.C. trucking industry is not operating at a competitive disadvantage.

Older wide-base single tires that are 445 millimetres to 454 millimetres wide still have a single-axle weight of 7,700 kilograms.

Any questions about this change should be directed to the ministry’s Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement branch at: (