Innovative program trains immigrant and refugee women for a digital marketing career

VEZA community is recruiting students for an innovative digital marketing program specifically focused on education and skills training for immigrant and refugee women. This program was created by experienced digital marketers with a lens on the challenges that these women face as they enter the Canadian workforce.

The program’s unique value is in providing Canadian work experience and decreasing the learning curve when newcomers join the Canadian workforce by providing continued hands-on mentorship. Recent research commissioned by the Immigrant Employers Council of BC has shown that the workplace entry point is where immigrants typically do not succeed and the skills required to succeed can only be gained through first hand insight into what Canadian employers need and how their workplaces operate, which requires actually securing a job.

“Studies have shown that even skilled newcomers to Canada struggle to gain secure employment, often settling for lower paying and less rewarding jobs to provide for their families. This is especially the case for visible minority newcomer women who have the lowest annual income of all immigrant groups and are most likely to be unemployed or underemployed,” said Manpreet Dhillon, CEO of veza community.

Digital marketing is a highly valued service in Vancouver. Experienced digital marketers charge hundreds per day for their work. They command a premium due to the limited supply and high demand of capable providers.

“The program’s mix of practical training, work experience and leadership coaching is designed to position immigrant and refugee women to fill that gap,” said Dhillon. “It is a win on both sides: providing more meaningful work for a marginalized group and more accessible digital marketing for small business in Vancouver.”

To prepare students for the job market, veza’s Digital Marketing program is broken into two parts: 1) Classroom Skills Training (March-June) and 2) Paid Internship (May-June) The deadline to apply is February 14 and limited spots are available. For more information about the program and how you can apply, go to: