Jack Hundial and Steven Pettigrew join Doug McCallum’s Safe Surrey Coalition

Jack Hundial

DOUG McCallum, mayoral candidate for Safe Surrey Coalition, announced on Monday that Jack Hundial and Steven Pettigrew have joined his party and will be running for Council seats in the October 20 election.

The addition of these two has given McCallum and his party a further boost. Just last week, former minister of state Brenda Locke and prominent businessman Mandeep Nagra joined the Safe Surrey Coalition as Council candidates. And a couple of weeks earlier, Doug Elford, who quit as president of the Surrey Community Alliance, and lawyer Bableen Rana had joined McCallum’s party as candidates for Council. Also, Dr. Allison Patton, a distinguished community physician, is running as a Council candidate with the party.

This has placed McCallum in a very strong position and shows that he is carefully assessing each candidate.

Doug McCallum

McCallum noted: “Jack Hundial retired recently after an impressive 25-year career as a police officer. His last posting was with the Surrey RCMP as a Staff-Sergeant. Jack is the right person to have on council as we shift to the local police force that Surrey needs.”

He added: “He has a track record of proven experience working on provincial policing programs. For three years Jack was with the BC Police Services as a Risk and Security Manager. Jack understands the best practices that other municipal police forces currently have in place. He knows what’s needed to build Surrey’s own police force and to ensure that it’s ready to tackle the gangs and gun crimes.”

McCallum pointed out: “Steven Pettigrew is a local activist who fought to save Hawthorne Park from Surrey First’s misguided plans.Steven stood up when Tom Gill’s party started to ram their pet project through this environmentally sensitive park.”

Doug McCallum also said, “Our Safe Surrey Coalition will benefit from having Steven’s voice on council reminding us of our promise of smart development. The people of Surrey will be heard. Their opinions and concerns will be well represented.”

Hundial said: “I’ve raised my family in Chimney Heights and I’ve been involved in the community including volunteering on several City committees and as a board member of the Progressive Intercultural Community Society (PICS).

“I’ve recently become a small business owner with a new restaurant in Clayton Heights. I understand the frustration caused by delays in permitting and the difficulty accessing services in the City.

“I’m proud to be working in the Safe Surrey Coalition with professionals who are dedicated to community service. The coalition values debate and diversity.

“For the past 13 years there has been a general lack of consultation with Surrey residents when key decisions are made.

“As your Councillor, I will help the City develop a City of Surrey Ethics Commissioner and Ombudsperson. Through this initiative, citizens of Surrey can be sure that the Mayor, Council and senior staff are held accountable to the citizens when allegation of corruption and wrong-doing are identified.”

Steven Pettigrew

Pettigrew said: “I have been living in Guildford for 17 years with my wife and two sons, whom I home schooled until they graduated. I have also taught programming for the last 20 years. For 12 years I’ve served as a strata council board member and I also served my neighbourhood as a Block Watch captain for 14 years. I continue to be actively involved in my church.
“More recently I’m the leader of the Save Hawthorne Park organization. Through the Save Hawthorne Park campaign, I’ve become painfully aware of the many shortcomings in city policies and politics. I’ve spent countless hours talking with many of you and getting your feedback about how the city can be improved.

“For the last six months I have immersed myself in city business by attending committee meetings and learning how the city works. I am now ready to take my place on council and serve you well.

“I want to make positive changes to the way Surrey is run in-order-to improve the lives of the people who live and work here. Let’s work together … we can do it!”


  1. Invitation to All Candidates meeting
    Monday Oct 1
    7:00 pm
    Colebrook United Church
    Hosted by the West Panorama Ridge Ratepayers
    Please advise if you have interest in attending.

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