Jagmeet denounces Trudeau’s climate failure, commits to eliminate subsidies to Big Oil

JOINED by young people who participated in the 2019 climate march, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on Monday called out Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for making a speech at the march two years ago, but making decisions since then that have increased Canada’s emissions and made the climate emergency even worse.

“It’s never been clearer we’re facing a climate emergency,” said Singh. “Justin Trudeau went to the climate march in 2019, said nice things and then abandoned his promises to young people in favour of helping Big Oil. We can’t afford another four years of Justin Trudeau.”

Singh also pointed out Trudeau’s record of failure to address the climate crisis. “He promised to eliminate subsidies to Big Oil, but has instead increased them to levels higher than when the Conservatives were in government. During his time as Prime Minister, Trudeau has made Canada the only G7 country to have increased its emissions. Canada has become the third biggest air polluter in the OECD. Recently, his government tried to trick Canadians that buying a pipeline will help lower emissions,” the NDP said.

Singh committed to identifying and eliminating harmful subsidies given to oil and gas companies and reallocating them to the clean, renewable energy sector instead. He committed to cutting Canada’s emissions by more than half by the year 2030 with projects like electrifying public transit.

He also pledged $500 million in funding to support Indigenous-led stewardship programs to advance reconciliation and protect the land, water and forests, including old growth.

“Time is running out and we need to make different choices; better choices for all of us. I want to be able to tell my child that I have done everything in my power to make a difference,” said Singh. “I want to fight the climate emergency for real. People deserve better than a government that says things with no intention of following though. It’s about choices. We can choose to subsidize clean, renewable energy instead of Big Oil.”