Jagmeet Singh’s byelection win signals momentum for NDP: Steelworkers

JAGMEET Singh’s decisive byelection win is a significant victory for the NDP, signalling much-needed momentum for the party and its leader, say the United Steelworkers.

“I’m thrilled to see Jagmeet win the byelection in Burnaby South. This is a victory for working people, for the voters of Burnaby South and for all Canadians,” said Ken Neumann, USW National Director.

“The NDP leader has earned his seat in the House of Commons, and Canadians are eager to have him there. Despite all the petty Liberal tactics delaying this byelection, Jagmeet Singh has triumphed. He’s won his seat as a Member of Parliament. Residents of Burnaby South now have representation and Canadians have a voice they need in Parliament – an NDP Leader who will hold Justin Trudeau to account for all the broken Liberal promises and scandals,” said Neumann.

“Congratulations, Jagmeet. You have proved that you can connect with voters with your hard work, your caring and commitment to put people first. The issues you highlighted in this byelection also resonate on the national scene – housing affordability and universal pharmacare.”

Neumann added that Singh’s victory marks a change of tide. His win is historic and it gives people hope. It means much more than a new MP for Burnaby South. It means Singh and the NDP can take on the naysayers. Singh’s victory proves that voters are onside with his message that things can be better for ordinary people.

“The United Steelworkers is proud to stand with Jagmeet Singh as the only national leader calling for Parliament to refuse to ratify the new NAFTA agreement until the illegal U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum are lifted,” said Neumann.

“As NDP Leader and MP for Burnaby South, we look forward to having Jagmeet Singh in the House of Commons, as a strong and progressive voice for working people, on our side.

“The next election is an important one for working people across Canada who feel betrayed and let down by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. The NDP has always been the party of working people, and with Jagmeet Singh’s election as an NDP MP, our party is on the move to show that there is another choice – one that puts people first.”