Jamie George Guimond, 32, charged in Sunday’s shooting in Downtown Eastside

A VPD investigation has led to charges following Sunday’s shooting in the Downtown Eastside.

Jamie George Guimond, 32, has been charged with attempted murder and discharging a firearm in connection with the incident, which occurred near Main and Hastings just after 2:30 p.m. on Sunday.

VPD officers were working on East Hastings Street when the 31-year-old victim was repeatedly shot. While some officers stayed to care for the injured man, others tracked the suspect as he fled from East Hastings to Chinatown, where he was arrested moments later.

The victim, who is known to police but does not live in the Downtown Eastside, was taken to hospital with serious injuries. He is expected to survive.

The suspect is originally from Alberta.

Guimond remains in custody and will appear in court on February 24.


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