Jasbir Sandhu To Hold Third Annual Public Services Expo On Oct 19

Jasbir SandhuJasbir Sandhu, Surrey North MP, will be holding his Third Annual Public Services Expo on Oct 19 from 1 to 3 pm at Surrey City Centre Library (10355 University Drive).

“My Third Annual Public Services Expo is coming up. The expo is a unique opportunity for Surrey organizations to showcase their services, and for residents to easily access these agencies,” said Sandhu.

“It has been a great opportunity to connect with local organizations and constituents. Next week, however, I will be returning to Ottawa, and I am looking forward to continuing to advocate for the issues that Surrey cares about. Issues such as: The Pattullo Bridge: This summer I held two public forums on the proposals for the Pattullo Bridge to discuss the role of the federal government. The main conclusion was that Surrey does not need another tolled bridge, as it is already home to the only two tolled bridges in Western Canada. Surrey appears to be unfairly targeted by tolls. Last session, I challenged the Minister of Transport on this issue; this upcoming year, armed with the questions and ideas of my constituents, I will continue to demand that Surrey be treated fairly, said Sandhu.

Sandhu has also been focussing on Youth Gang Prevention. “ My motion on Youth Gang Prevention (M-407) is continuing to develop interest. As it is right now, the Harper Government only funds pilot programs for youth, deserting organizations after their first year of operation. My motion will restore long-term funding for programs that are proven to be successful,” he said.