Land acquired for PICS Society’s Seniors Long Term Care Home

Charan Gill Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Charan Gill
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

PICS Society announced on Wednesday that land for their Seniors Long Term Care Home has now been acquired.

The two-acre land is conveniently located in Central Cloverdale and can easily be accessed from Langley, Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Vancouver and other town centres of Surrey.

As seniors age in the South Asian community the need for a culturally sensitive Seniors Long Term Care Home is being acutely felt.

PICS Society’s proposed Seniors Long Term Care Home will be a 125-bed facility fully equipped to care for the elderly who need personalized attention in a setting which is familiar to them.

Surrey Memorial Hospital currently houses 150 South Asian seniors and this facility when built will not only ease the overcrowding at the hospital but will also save the government at least $1000 per day, per senior.

“I am asking the entire community to help us make this project a reality. We need to raise $1 million by December to retain this land and I am appealing to the entire community to contribute,” said Charan Gill, Chief Executive Officer of PICS Society.

“It’s time to give back and do something for our parents who have spent their entire life caring for us. As they age and deal with multiple health issues, we need to make sure that they are safe, happy and in a place that sounds and feels familiar to them. But this can only happen if we support this care home,” said Gill.

PICS has been successfully managing the PICS Assisted Living facility located in Surrey for the last many years and has the required experience to run a long term care home.

To raise funds for the long term care home, PICS is planning a fundraising event on Friday, May 22 at Aria Banquet Hall in Surrey. A table of eight is for $1000 and individual tickets cost $150.