Langley voters send strong message that it’s time to build SkyTrain to Langley City: SkyTrain for Surrey

THE SkyTrain for Surrey said on Saturday that “Langley City and south Langley Township voters have sent a strong message that it’s time to build the full 16-kilometre Surrey-Langley SkyTrain—with the election of B.C. NDP candidate Andrew Mercier in Langley City (taking a seat long-held by B.C. Liberal house MLA Mary Polak) and furthermore the election, province-wide, of a B.C. NDP majority government.”

It added: “The vote result in the Langley district shows that residents want SkyTrain built. In 2018, Andrew Mercier noted that discussions to bring SkyTrain to Langley have been ongoing since the 1990s. With the growth situation in Surrey and Langley, this extension is now long overdue.”

The SkyTrain for Surrey thanked the B.C. NDP for their strong commitment to building all 16 kilometres of the proposed Surrey-Langley SkyTrain in a single phase, reflected in their score in the organization’s Surrey-Langley SkyTrain voters guide.

It said: “The B.C. Liberals received significantly lower ratings in our voters’ guide, which assessed parties’ willingness to build the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain and found that the B.C. Liberals did not make strong commitments to build the full extension.”