Trudeau congratulates Horgan

PRIME Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday congratulated B.C. Premier John Horgan and the BC NDP on their election win.

Trudeau said: “I look forward to continuing to work closely with Premier Horgan and the Government of British Columbia, so we can keep Canadians safe and healthy and offer support to those who need it, as we address the impacts of the global pandemic.

John Horgan Photo: BC NDP

“Through a strong partnership, we’ve made great progress for British Columbians and all Canadians. By investing in the Broadway Subway project, signing a bilateral Early Learning and Child Care agreement, and committing to a 10-year agreement that will renew and expand social and community housing, we’re making life more affordable and tackling the issues most important to the province and our country.

“Together, we will build back better from this crisis and create a healthier, cleaner, fairer, and more resilient Canada for everyone.”