NDP leading by 101 votes in Courtenay-Comox, but about 900 votes remain to be counted

IT seems almost certain that B.C. will have a minority government, unless …

NDP’s Ronna-Rae Leonard is leading by 101 votes over the Liberal’s Jim Benninger in the crucial riding of Courtenay-Comox, but about 900 votes have still to be counted by Elections BC:

Courtenay-Comox Jim Benninger BC Liberal Party 10,380 36.76%
Ronna-Rae Leonard BC NDP 10,481 37.11%
Leah Catherine McCulloch BC Conservative Party 2,159 7.64%
Ernie Sellentin BC Green Party 5,221 18.49%
Final voting results – In Progress 28,241 100%

About 17,000 absentee ballots in various ridings have yet to be counted, but the B.C. Liberals now lead the NDP in the popular vote by only 2,612 votes, that is, 793,213 votes (40.38%) to 790,601 (40.25%).

Liberal candidate Jas Johal ended up defeating the NDP’s Aman Singh by 134 votes:

Richmond-Queensborough Lawrence Chen Republican Party 318 1.60%
Kay Khilvinder Hale BC Conservative Party 694 3.50%
Jas Johal BC Liberal Party 8,218 41.43%
Aman Singh BC NDP 8,084 40.75%
Michael Wolfe BC Green Party 2,524 12.72%
Final voting results – Complete 19,838 100%

And in Coquitlam-Burke Mountain, the Liberals won by 87 votes:

Coquitlam-Burke Mountain Joan Isaacs BC Liberal Party 10,388 44.28%
Ian Donnelly Soutar BC Green Party 2,771 11.81%
Jodie Wickens BC NDP 10,301 43.91%
Final voting results – Complete 23,460 100%


Counting in Maple Ridge-Mission (NDP leading by 369 votes) and Vancouver-False Creek (liberals leading by 406 votes) is still going on.