Liberal economic message resonates; concerns over campaign finance and housing persist: Angus Reid poll  



A new analysis of public opinion polling data by the Angus Reid Institute finds plenty of room for optimism among those who would support the BC New Democratic Party – the opposition holds an early advantage in leader approval and on key social issues.

But recent history will remind many observers that elections are often not decided until the final days.

Meantime, two competing narratives are unfolding for the B.C. Liberals. While the incumbents hold the high ground on fiscal management, their leader has lower approval ratings and is dogged by rising concerns over affordability and ongoing questions about her governments fundraising practices.


Key Findings:


* Three-quarters of B.C. residents (76%) agree that the current Liberal government is “only interested in helping its political donors and big business”

* Three-in-five (62%) say the opposition parties don’t have a real plan to help British Columbians

* Housing (21%), health care (19%), and the economy (14%) are seen as the top issues facing British Columbia today