I am the proud son of immigrants, a dedicated father and husband, and a proud BC Liberal. I have spent my career working to create solutions in communities, including working with youth-at-risk, social service and family organizations.

I believe I’m the best candidate to lead the BC Liberal party, because my focus is broadening our party’s appeal.

Our party must renew itself to reflect modern British Columbia. The hard truth is that our vote share has decreased in every election since 2001.

Through our campaign, we are welcoming thousands of new members to our party.

Together, we can approach politics in a new way.

Together, we need to get past false choices between the economy, the environment, social programs, infrastructure. We need them all. We can’t pick and choose, because they’re all interconnected.

Together, we will take a much wider view of how our government can tackle issues related to affordability.

We have to stop pretending hidden and extra fees and charges don’t affect people, and recognize that there is only one taxpayer.

As Liberals, we need to unite British Columbians, not divide them.