B.C. Liberals slam NDP government for banning grizzly bear hunt

John Rustad

B.C. Liberal critics MLA John Rustad and MLA Peter Milobar on Monday slammed the NDP government for banning the hunting of grizzly bears, stating: “It’s sad to see the NDP have abandoned scientific-based decision making in favour of political calculus designed to appease U.S.-based environmental groups.”

They said: “It’s clear the only reason for this sudden abandonment of a previous promise to allow a partial hunt, where population supported it, is because the NDP is feeling political heat for approving Site C construction to continue.”

They added: “Instead of allowing a grizzly hunt to be conducted in a fashion that balances values, the government abandoned those across the province who rely on hunting to feed their families. If the NDP are continuing to ignore science-based evidence regarding hunting, British Columbians should be rightly concerned that further politically-motivated bans on other animals could be implemented in the future.

“It’s important to note that approximately 35 per cent of British Columbia was closed to grizzly hunting. Within the traditional territories of the Coastal First Nations, approximately 58 per cent was closed to grizzly hunting.

“The BC NDP had an option – continue to support a balanced approach that eliminates trophy hunting but allows an important industry continue. Today, they said no to those jobs and families across British Columbia.”


  1. The saddest thing and part,is why are clueless politicians that don’t have a clue about game management,doing what they are doing to we the people,if it was for us hunters and are money,there would be zip out there.?

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