Liberals pass off Conservative ideas on immigration as their own: MP Jasraj Hallan

JASRAJ Singh Hallan, Conservative critic for Immigration Refugees and Citizenship, and Kyle Seeback, Conservative critic for Environment and Climate Change, say they welcome the government incorporating Conservative ideas found in Seeback’s private member’s bill (PMB), Bill C-242, into law.

In a statement on Tuesday, they said: “Once again, the Liberals are taking credit for common-sense Conservative ideas and trying to pass them off as their own.

“Today, Minister Fraser made a sweeping announcement about changes to Canada’s super visa program based solely on the ideas presented in a Conservative PMB that Liberals had vocally opposed. Exemplified by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, MP Marie-France Lalonde, who said on the floor of the House, ‘the government does not support the member’s proposal to allow super visa applicants to purchase private health insurance from foreign companies.’ Curious then this exact idea from the member’s proposal is now palatable to her government.

“The truth is family reunification through the super visa program is a crucial issue that has been proven to not only be an immeasurable help to new Canadians but also beneficial to Canada’s overall success. MP Seeback’s bill specifically addressed areas in the program that could be improved to work better for immigrant communities, including, extending the length of stay up to five years, being able to request a two-year extension, and recognizing approved international insurance coverage among others. Now, three of these ideas will be implemented for Canadians at the end of the month.

Kyle Seeback
Photo: Twitter

“Conservatives have been supporting Bill C-242 since it was introduced in the House, and most recently Conservative members of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (CIMM) highlighted how important these changes were to new Canadians amongst naysaying from the Liberals. It is clear this was nothing but political theatre to set up taking credit for good ideas.

“Conservatives stand with Canada’s immigrant communities and will always propose innovative legislation to address their needs. Removing barriers to families staying together and promoting policies that help boost the economy will always be a priority. While the Liberals are more concerned with playing political games to misguide Canadians, Conservatives will continue to focus on what needs to be done.”


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