Liberals say they hope O’Toole won’t push policies of Harper and Scheer

THE federal Liberals were ready to slam the Conservatives just after they elected Erin o’Toole as their new leader, with the party’s President, Suzanne Cowan, saying in a statement: “We also hope Mr. O’Toole will reconsider continuing to push the same policies of Stephen Harper and Andrew Scheer that he also proposed in this leadership campaign. They would take Canada backward by making harmful cuts to services that Canadians count on, weakening Canada’s gun control laws, rolling back our work to fight climate change, and much more.”

She added: “What the Conservatives haven’t proposed is any plan to support Canadians or keep our economy strong through this unprecedented time — and in fact, Conservatives called for the cancellation of emergency support programs.”

Cowan said: “[Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada are the only team with a positive plan to invest in the middle class and the most vulnerable, keep Canadians safe and supported, and protect a clean environment. While some parties are focused only on an election, our focus is on moving Canada forward and delivering support for Canadians through this unprecedented time.”

She said: “This is the most important moment in a generation, as Canadians face the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19 and as we work together to change Canada’s future for the better. Justin Trudeau and our Liberal team will keep working with him and all parties in the weeks ahead to ensure that workers, families, and businesses are supported as our communities get back on their feet.

“We have a real chance to build a Canada that is healthier and safer, greener, more fair, and more competitive, and while we will have our differences, we hope the Conservative leader will join us in that work.”