What a slap in loser Christy Clark’s face as Lieutenant Governor asks John Horgan to form a government!

CHRISTY Clark used every dirty trick in the book to shamelessly cling on to power, bringing utter disgrace upon herself and the B.C. Liberal Party.

Every day, her cunning nature became more and more twisted, baffling decent British Columbians.

But she didn’t flinch.

She was hell-bent on causing chaos because of her naked political ambition.

And she has cost us taxpayers big bucks – but she couldn’t give a rat’s ass, could she?

Not a shred of decency!

Not a modicum of humility!

Not an iota of graciousness!

Not a grain of repentance!

Christy Clark
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

After the election result was out, Clark should have taken full responsibility for the B.C. Liberals’ humiliating defeat and offered to step down from the party leadership.

That would have won her a great deal of sympathy – and we would have praised her for her graciousness, her humility, her feisty spirit and her service (even though most people were angry with her for a variety of reasons).

But NO!

She had to go down that nasty path where she ended up exposing herself left, right and center as a sore loser with no principles.

For crying out loud, Christy, how could you have so shamelessly stolen the NDP agenda just to survive!

How desperate was that!

Didn’t you and your poodle-in-chief Mike de Jong feel SOME shame about it?

Now history will condemn and mock you!

You have vitiated the political atmosphere in B.C.

Who told you to do what you did?

Your rich corporate bosses?

Indeed, you should hang your heads in shame!






  1. Your rant is not factual. BC Liberals actually won the election. After all the negatives stacked against the BC Liberals, the NDP still lost. That is the only thing that is humiliating.

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