Local Muslims Host Community Canada Day Bash as they prepare for Ramadan

For the third straight year, Burnaby’s Al-Salaam Mosque will be hosting a community Canada Day celebration on July 1st, inviting Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The group, a local Branch of the BC Muslim Association had over 2,000 people attends last year’s event. They day will feature children’s entertainment, bouncy castles, a free barbecue, a Birthday cake for the country.

Local dignitaries are also expected to attend including Burnaby Mayor, Derek Corrigan, and local MLA’s Kathy Corrigan, Jane Shin, Richard Lee and Raj Chouhan, and MP’s Kennedy Stewart and Peter Julian. All local city councilors and school trustees also drop by every year, including members of the RCMP who attend in their traditional Red Serge uniform.

The Mosque has also invited local churches and other religious and community groups to attend.

This year’s festivities will be especially significant for Muslims as it is the last weekend before the Holy Month of Ramadan, which starts about a week from Canada Day, depending on the lunar calendar.

During Ramadan, Muslims will abstain from food and drink, as well as sexual activity from sunrise to sunset. This year’s Ramadan will be particularly challenging as it falls during the long days of the Summer months. As a result, many local Muslims will use Canada Day as a perfect time to have one last relaxing time before the Holy Month.

The Mosque’s Canada Day event is somewhat of a “block party” as the Burnaby Village Museum, located across the street also hosts is biggest crowd of the year for is Canada Day party that day. Many visitors walk across the street to each event.

“This is a significant event because it not only allows us to put on a free event to thank our neighbors and the local community for their support and friendship, but it gives us an opportunity to bring visitors to our facility where they can take tours, ask questions, and really get to know us,” says Daud Ali, a director of the Mosque.

DATE: MONDAY July 1st 2013
TIME: 11:00 am-4:00 pm