Cyclists need to smarten up, saya David Suzuki

It’s no surprise that Canada’s most famous environmentalist says cycling is smart, but David Suzuki says many cyclists have to smarten up!

In his blog, he points out cycling is the fastest-growing mode of transportation in Vancouver; cyclists now make 67,000 trips daily, mainly thanks to an ever-expanding network of bike lanes and routes.

But Suzuki says if we want to increase safety on our streets, everyone needs to take responsibility for their own behaviour, including cyclists.

He suggests says criticism of cyclists is valid when “too many blast through stop signs, don’t give pedestrians the right-of-way, refuse to signal turns, ride against traffic, don’t make themselves visible enough and use sidewalks.”

“Many seem to have a sense of entitlement compelling them to ignore laws. It doesn’t take much to learn and follow the rules, and investing in proper gear — including lights and reflectors — is absolutely necessary. You’ll not only be safer; you’ll also be less likely to anger motorists, pedestrians and fellow cyclists,” he adds.

Suzuki says cyclists have to do their part to build support for initiatives that make cycling easier, safer, and more popular.