Mauled pet’s owner Anita Uppal urges control

A woman whose small dog was mauled to death by a bigger dog (Rottweiler) is urging dog owners to be in control of their pets, especially with summer upon us and children taking to public spaces.

Anita Uppal was walking her three dogs on Tuesday around 8 p.m. in Surrey`s Sullivan Park.

She’s training to be a dog groomer and was proud of the haircut she’d given her four-year-old Havenese-Shih Tzu cross, so she decided to take a picture of the dog, Bella.

Her two Lhasa Apso-poodle crosses sat behind her.

As Uppal was taking out her iPhone to snap a pic, she noticed two dogs – a Rottweiler and a golden retriever – charging toward them, their eyes locked on Bella.

“I’ve been around dogs forever and I know when dogs are coming to play,” Uppal said. “These dogs were not coming to play.”

Bella was about five feet from her owner, smelling the foot of a tree with her back turned on her attackers.

Uppal screamed Bella’s name and tried to reach her, but she was too late – the Rottweiler grabbed the tiny pooch by the neck, shook her violently then smashed her to the ground.

Her neck broke and she died instantly.

As Uppal continued to scream, the Rottweiler’s owner and her boyfriend came into view around a clump of trees about 20 seconds after the carnage.

They appeared shocked and the woman, who is from Langley, kept saying over and over how friendly her dogs were.

“That is not accurate,” Uppal said, “because my dog is dead.

“I’m heartbroken. She was part of the family.”

Uppal’s 19-year-old daughter, Simran, was particularly attached to Bella and is crushed.

“She’s having a very difficult time accepting what has happened,” Uppal said.

As of Friday afternoon, Surrey animal control was trying to get in touch with the Langley woman.

“I just don’t understand how you could not only have your dogs off-leash, but have no control over them,” Uppal said.