Maxmillion win for Surrey healthcare workers

Maxmillion win for Surrey healthcareTHE decision to throw some money into the workplace lottery pool for the March 14 Lotto Max draw paid off in spades for 17 Surrey co-workers, including a number of South Asians, the latest group in B.C. to share a $1 million Maxmillion prize.

Irene Wong, the group trustee, said she bought the ticket at a different location this time around. “I was busy running the kids around to Scouts and Girl Guides so I stopped at my neighborhood Macs instead of where I usually go,” she explained. “This is a true case of ‘right place, right time’.”

A week after the draw, Irene said she fed the ticket into the self-checker around10 times in a row before she began to scream with excitement. “I was in totally disbelief that we had actually won!”

She began calling her co-workers once she got home. Many accused her of playing a joke on them. “I had to bring the slip into work the next day to prove to them I wasn’t lying,” she laughed.

Each member of the group will receive $58,823.53. All 17 winners have different plans for their winnings. There’s talk of travel, investments and the likelihood of a few new cars in the parking lot at work.