Mayors welcome strong “Surrey Votes Yes” Coalition support

Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner  Photo by Chandra Bodalia  
Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

THE Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation welcomed the official launch of the “Surrey Votes Yes” Coalition at Surrey City Hall on Wednesday.

“The momentum for ‘yes’ is building all across our region,” said Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner, Vice Chair of the Mayors’ Council. “Surrey is BC’s fastest growing city and will be home to 300,000 more residents and 160,000 new jobs over the next 30 years. Transit and transportation improvements will be critical to keep Surrey and our region moving.”

Rapid growth in Surrey and other communities south of the Fraser, coupled with a lack of funding for long-term transit and transportation investments, has led to significant road congestion for drivers, bus passengers and goods movers. Six of every ten Surrey residents regularly commute to another municipality for work or school, and experience higher vehicle and fuel costs and wasted time while stuck in traffic.

The Mayors’ Plan would create new and expand existing transit services so that 56% of residents and 72% of jobs in Surrey will be within walking distance of all-day frequent transit; compared to 27% and 44% today, respectively.

The Plan includes many benefits within Surrey including two new LRT lines in Surrey and the Langleys; three new B-Line Rapid Bus corridors in Surrey; new safer Pattullo Bridge; expansion to the Expo Line; and significant new and expanded bus service throughout the community.

Drivers on some of Surrey’s busiest regional routes will save 15 to 20 minutes each day.

* Steveston to North Surrey – 20 minutes faster

* Surrey Centre to Vancouver – 15 minutes faster

People who take transit will also save time every day. Between Surrey Centre and:

* North Shore – 20 minutes faster

* Coquitlam Centre – 30 minutes faster

Between Metrotown and:

* Guildford – 20 minutes faster

“A ‘yes’ vote would deliver more and better buses, new rapid transit, road improvements and better cycling and walking facilities here in Surrey and all across the region,” said Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore, Chair of Metro Vancouver Board of Directors. “These improvements would boost our economy, keep our air and environment clean, and preserve our quality of life—even with one million more people moving to Metro Vancouver over the next 30 years.”

“Surrey Votes Yes” is comprised of business, environment, labour, students, health and faith-based groups. They will be working together to share the benefits of better transit and transportation with members and other voters in Surrey and why a “Yes” vote for better transit is so critical.

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