Minister Jinny Sims mocks BC Liberals for their ‘gotcha politics’

Jinny Sims
Official photo

NOT making any headway in their sustained attack on Citizens’ Services Minister Jinny Sims in regards to the allegations made against her by a former staffer who worked in her Surrey-Panorama constituency office for a couple of months, the BC Liberals on Wednesday forwarded those allegations to the RCMP.

Liberal House Leader Mary Polak had alleged that Sims had been circumventing the Freedom of Information Act by avoiding her government email or phone and instead using her private email and WhatsApp to communicate official government business. She had also alleged that Sims wrote sponsorship letters for Pakistani citizens that were reportedly on a security watch list.

Liberal House Leader Mary Polak wrote to the RCMP: “In our capacity as the official Opposition, we have received information that relates to alleged conduct of the minister of citizens’ services, Jinny Sims, that we believe warrants investigation. We are sending it to you for your consideration and review.”

Mary Polak

Sims in a statement emailed to The VOICE said: “If they actually had something credible, why didn’t the Opposition do this in the first place? Instead, the Opposition spent weeks spreading false allegations filled with exaggerations and fabrications – even though the claims have been discredited. Their allegation that visa applicants were on a so-called ‘watch list’ turned out to be fabricated. There was never any information to suggest that.” She added: “While the Opposition focuses on gotcha politics, we’ve been delivering results to make life better for people in B.C.”