Minister Ralston talks up Ultra-High-Speed Ground Transportation study

BRUCE Ralston, Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology, in a statement on the release of the Ultra-High-Speed Ground Transportation Business Case Analysis, said on Monday that the “study is part of the necessary good work that’s being done to give us a clearer picture of the feasibility of ultra-high-speed rail service between British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.”

He added: “Improving the connectivity in the Pacific Northwest region presents enormous potential for job creation, economic growth and environmental benefits on both sides of the border.”

Ralston said: “While this study is a preliminary assessment of the possible impacts, some of the key findings include reducing travel times between Vancouver and Seattle from three hours to one, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by six million tonnes over the first 40 years of operation. The project could have huge economic benefits, drawing new companies to the region, creating an estimated $355 billion in economic growth and up to 200,000 new jobs.

“B.C. committed $300,000 to develop this study in March 2018, and in February 2019, committed an additional $300,000 to the next exploratory steps. As this work continues, we look forward to continuing discussions with the State of Washington and other partners.”

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