Ministers Kenney and Oliver at 23rd Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce’s (ICCC) Annual Awards and Gala Night

Jason KenneyON June 14, Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism, attended the 23rd Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce’s (ICCC) Annual Awards and Gala Night in Toronto.

Kenney received the President’s Award from ICCC’s President, Naval Bajaj. During his remarks, Kenney congratulated the other award recipients. He also used this opportunity to praise the strong relationship that exists between India and Canada and outlined opportunities for even greater cooperation with the new government in India.

Joe Oliver, federal Finance Minister, also attended the awards and was the keynote speaker. He also stressed the important bond between India and Canada.

Indo-Canada Chamber of CommerceHe noted: “Ours is a partnership of paramount importance and a priority for Canada –in so many ways, a natural partnership. When I spoke to this organization in February, I mentioned a book entitled “India: The Rise of an Asian Giant”.

“The title is fitting. If the 21st century is destined to be the Pacific century, it will belong to a significant degree to this Asian giant. And for Canada, that means an historic opportunity.

“After all, our two countries share so much. Two democracies, members of the Commonwealth, rooted in the values of liberty, justice, human rights and care for the needy. Based on those values we have been collaborating closely to strengthen the global economic environment.”