Surrey Board of Trade presents Surrey Child and Family Friendly Workplace Awards to Surrey business: ‘The Lunch Lady’

Paul Mann
Dee Sharma, BCHRMA sponsor presented award to Paul Mann, The Lunch Lady.
THE presentation of the 3rd Annual Surrey Board of Trade Surrey Child and Family Friendly Workplace Awards, sponsored by the BC Human Resources Management Association, took place on Wednesday, June 18 at the 50th Surrey Board of Trade President’s Dinner and AGM. The winner was ‘The Lunch Lady.’

As part of the Surrey Board of Trade’s Leadership Surrey Program which began four years ago – in collaboration with the Children’s Partnership of Surrey-White Rock – the Board said they are pleased to showcase a business that has created workplaces that support their employees in both their work and child / family responsibilities.

Lunch Lady’s application included specific points about flex time: staff dropping off their children for school, accommodating staff to leave work when they have to pick up their children from school. They also have a children’s area in their building, equipped with a television, internet access, toys and more. Lunch Lady as part of their workplace understands each other’s culture and child care needs within each culture. By providing information in the five areas of assessment, Lunch Lady showed that their focus on a family friendly workplace resulted in greater productivity for the business, when the employees’ kids are taken care of or they are able to adjust their schedules for child-care. This has reduced sick time and stress for employees.

“Workplaces are changing. Employees from all sectors are quick to list the changes they are experiencing in their workplaces: Globalization, technological advances, rise of non-standard employment / work hours, increased workload, greater learning pressures,” said Anita Huberman. “This is why the Surrey Board of Trade continues to showcase a Surrey business each year that shines above the rest of the applicants in our assessment of how the business manages flexibility in the workplace, supportive supervisors/managers, a culture that is family-friendly, alternative work arrangements and a recognition of child and elder care issues.”