Surrey Board of Trade supports Surrey Night Market: First ever multicultural night market in Fraser Valley

WE are very pleased to sponsor the first ever night market in Surrey that will operate this year at the Cloverdale Exhibition Grounds”, said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

“This night market will be a multicultural, family friendly event for all the residents of Surrey and neighbouring cities. It will open on July 5 and will run every subsequent Friday and Saturday evening, until the end of August. It will be an open air summer market for local residents and small businesses to sell and enjoy a variety of local foods, services and goods.”

The Surrey Night Market will also showcase a variety of local talent in performing arts and create an environment that promotes both community spirit and inclusion across the board. Every night, local bands, singers, and dancers will have an opportunity to deliver a free performance on stage and gain valuable professional exposure in the process.

The night market will provide numerous business opportunities for local companies wishing to set up booths at the event. Over the next few years, the Surrey Night Market will become a destination of choice for families looking for an enjoyable evening without the need to cross bridges.

Huberman said that it is heartening to note that the Surrey Night Market is a proud supporter of Cans for Cancer. The proceeds from the recycling of all beverage containers at the night market will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. This will help fund their mission of eradicating cancer and enhancing the quality of life of all Canadians living with cancer.

“The Surrey Night Market will also provide an exceptional opportunity to local businesses to promote their products and services by displaying their banner at the venue,” said Huberman.

To participate in the Surrey Night Market or to receive more information, visit their website at