Monsoon Festival

Monsoon Festival – The Shows

Burq Off!

A British Pakistani Muslim’s Autobiographical Play.

One Woman, 21 Characters, A Burqa, A Bikini.

Aug. 11th & 12th at York Theatre in Vancouver

 MG 8642

Burq Off! is an autobiographical coming of age comedy about a British Pakistani girl trying to find herself in two madly opposing worlds. Nadia Manzoor was raised a cultural yoyo, bouncing between expectations of her conservative Muslim family and her saucy British school friends. From her discovery of ‘sex’ at the age of 5, to falling in love with an Irish Catholic boy who must be kept secret, Nadia’s search for self is punctuated by fierce Bollywood dance moves, a blackout drinking incident, and an Islamic teacher whose interests range from slapping to pornography. Love, lies, a burqa and a bikini. Nadia has no idea who she is, but she’ll try anything to find out.

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Malavika (Performed in Hindi with English surtitles)

A Hindi musical dance drama co-presented with Nrityenakatha dance troupe.

Aug. 13th at Surrey Arts Centre

Alex Ashvini and Savita King Agnimitra Queen Iravati and Malavika 2

Malavika is an adaptation of Indian poet Kalidasa’s first play, which was called Malavikagnimitram. Never before witnessed by the Greater Vancouver area, this mesmerizing love story shall transpire in a grand Hindi dance-theatre production through a unique combination of Kuchipudi and Garba/Raas dance forms. Captivating Hindi dialogues are intertwined with grand dances, sets and costumes to transport the audience to an ancient mythological Indian kingdom, which is the setting for the story of King Agnimitra’s love for Malavika, who is an unheard of maid in the royal palace. It is said that Malavika was proficient in dance and music. The diverse plot is carried forward through intense battles, sorrow, comedy, and thrilling dance sequences set to a beautiful classical Hindi soundtrack, creating a movie on stage.

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