More job loss in the forest industry while the NDP continues to sit on the sidelines

MOSAIC Forest Management’s announcement that 2,000 forestry workers will be out of work as of today means that the coastal forest industry is effectively shut down along the entire coast of British Columbia, BC Liberals said on Monday.

They join 3,000 workers on strike at Western Forest Products and thousands more who lost their jobs either through permanent mill closures or indefinite curtailments across B.C.

Additionally, Tolko also announced that there will be additional shift curtailments at its operations in Williams Lake.

“After months of calling on [Premier] John Horgan and the NDP to aid the forest industry by reducing stumpage fees to increase competitiveness, it’s quite apparent this government is content to sit on the sidelines and do nothing,” says BC Liberal Opposition Forestry Critic John Rustad. “I met with mill workers and contractors on Vancouver Island this weekend and they are devastated by this government’s lack of action.”

On Friday, Mosaic Forest Management announced an early winter shutdown that will put hundreds of forestry workers out of work on Vancouver Island and up to 2,000 along the coast. In addition, workers at Tolko’s Soda Creek Division learned that 150 employees will have their shift further reduced from four days to three days also starting Monday.

“I’m not sure how much more communities like Williams Lake can take,” said Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett. “Unless we see some action on the part of John Horgan and the NDP, forest workers have little to look forward to in the year ahead.”


  1. This is How the government is trying to control the people if you take away their jobs you take away their livelihood you take away their food and the people will bow down that will never happen we will not take this lying down the Canadian people have had enough of this kind of government that is ruled by others who care nothing for the Canadian people people will finally say enough is enough and shut down this country

  2. NDP Party & Government is broken. This weekend annual convention financials revealed they couldnt mount a dead horse never mind a political electoral challenge.They are a minority government.$2,000,360.00 availible. Real numbers-$360.00.They fudged the #s to show the subsidy from taxpayers grant for political parties.They couldnt rent an economy car full of clowns to tour the province. They would make it to the ferry in Victoria and that would be it. NDP doesnt give a s–t about jobs for actual working taxpayers. Nothing against hard working civil servants and teachers struggling but the rest of us do as well.Just govern-you were elected to be a provincial government.Grow a pair and tell the truth.Less than 2 years left and NDP will be history again.Less bs about last government.Make jobs now.Real jobs-not McJobs,

  3. What do you expect when you voted NDP?? I’ve been around forever and have seen what happens to forestry, mining and fishing as soon as the NDP get in. When will we learn? Havent had a good BC since the Social Credit government!

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