“Save Our Kids Rally” by Sikh Motorcycle Club to send message to Surrey City Council


THE Sikh Motorcycle Club is holding a rally on Wednesday (August 16), starting at 4:30 p.m.,  to express the voice of the community to ‘save our kids from drugs and gun violence’ that City Council has failed to, they say.

In a message to the Council, they say:

“We need your intense and immediate intervention to make our city a safe place for our families. Lack of RCMP’s presence and accountability in and around our schools and the youth social programs has exposed a generation of children to an unsafe and lawless atmosphere. We now want the RCMP to take immediate responsibility of making amends and attending to the glaring shortcomings. Increased, effective and collaborative surveillance is required across the city but more so around the schools where the introduction to drugs is made.
“We want our city to be considered as a reputed city again and where our children can feel safe and secure. Your contribution is the needed ingredient for this outcome. Neighboring municipalities appear to be safer than Surrey streets. Street level drug dealing needs to be addressed urgently. Please actively assist as we are counting on you.”
Route details are clearly posted on www.sikhmotorcycleclub.org . There will be 70-plus motorcycles and community members in cars as well.