MP Kwan wants independent public inquiry into foreign interference after receiving CSIS briefing

NDP MP Jenny Kwan, after receiving a briefing from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) last Friday, said on Monday: “The only path forward to restoring Canadians’ trust in our democratic institutions is an independent public inquiry into foreign interference in Canada.”

She said: “The federal government’s actions are not enough. Furthermore, Mr. David Johnston, the Special Rapporteur appointed by the Prime Minister, does not enjoy the full confidence of the House of Commons.”

In a statement Kwan said: “CSIS briefed me last Friday about the foreign interference I was subjected to by the Chinese Community Party. To protect Canada’s national security, I am not at liberty to disclose the details as it was classified information.

“CSIS has confirmed that I am and will continue to be a target of foreign interference.

“Coming out of this briefing, what is clear is that the fight for people whose human rights are being violated, who are being silenced, and even threatened, is more important than ever.

“For people like me, who are outspoken against human rights violations, the genocide of the Uyghurs, the erosion of basic law in Hong Kong and the imposition of the National Security Law, we must be vigilant of attempts by foreign influence actors working to coerce, co-op, re-orient, neutralize, or even silence our voices.”

She added: “The threat of foreign interference will not deter me from fighting for those who don’t enjoy basic human rights.

“For everyday Canadians who have family or loved ones in Hong Kong and China, I want to send a clear message that I know your fear is real. The danger that your family members may face is real.

“That’s why I recommit to standing with you in this fight and demand action from the federal government. Canadians deserve answers, accountability, and protection.”