MP Nina Grewal: Political correctness drowning true meaning of Christmas



CONSERVATIVE MP Nina Grewal (Fleetwood-Port Kells) on Wednesday delivered a statement in the House of Commons decrying the forces of political correctness for their attack against Christmas and Canadian traditions. The statement was part of MP Grewal’s continuing effort to promote the celebration of our country’s diversity, including its Christian traditions.

Rising during Question Period, MP Grewal made the following statement:

“Mr. Speaker, it is Christmas time and Canadians are decorating their homes, buying presents and baking Christmas treats. But it’s a shame that many feel the need to abandon their traditions to appease the sensibilities of non-Christians. Being respectful of the beliefs of others should not require anyone to water-down their own beliefs.

“What makes Canada great is that people are free to believe, celebrate & practice the faith they choose, without worrying about offending others – Christianity and Christmas included.

“Mr. Speaker, I’m a Sikh and I’m not offended by people celebrating Christmas in a traditional way. So instead of silly political correctness, all of us should feel proud in our traditions and beliefs, and rejoice in this season of joy, peace and good will.  Merry Christmas everyone!”

Outside the House, Grewal said: “The common excuse for banning many Christian traditions is that it will offend people who hold other religious beliefs, but I do not believe that this is the case. From my perspective, as one of those ethnic minorities who some are trying to ‘protect’ from Christmas, this is simply unnecessary. As a Sikh, I am not offended when Christians celebrate Christmas. Christmas should remain a part of our Canadian tradition for all to enjoy and celebrate.”


Watch MP Grewal’s Christmas statement at:


  1. Hooray for you Nina Grewal, it’s about time someone had the backbone to say that inside the house. We are a family that celebrates Christmas and Chanukah. My personal family and loved ones consist of several nations and our religious views include Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, First nations beliefs, etc. Like you Nina I don’t understand all the fuss of this ‘political correctness” nonsense.

  2. Well Done!!!! Nina, thank you for retaining the festive season in true spirits and restoring the wishing of MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    People choose to come and make Canada their home! Nobody should have to change to their belief for please others. Canada is a multicultural and unique country and celebrate special days together and respectfully.

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