Muslims upset with Premier Christy Clark’s Middle East stand



POLITICAL pundits have been left scratching their heads at Premier Christy Clark’s comments on the Middle East in a letter that was posted on Sunday to the web site of the Toronto-based Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

The letter was first reported by the Globe and Mail on Monday and it comes just when Muslims are celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr.

The letter states:

“The current conflict in Israel and Gaza is of great concern to anyone who believes in democracy and human rights.

“While the world watches in agony, we recognize the need for a ceasefire that leads to long-term security and peace in the region. Israel has the right to defend itself and its citizens against terrorist attacks.

“At this difficult time, let us remember the values we share with Israel: a vibrant, culturally rich democratic nation committed to maintaining the rights of its citizens, regardless of gender or religion. Israel is an example not only to the region, but the world.

“Support for Israel abroad makes a difference.”

“As the world continues to hope for a peace that satisfies both Israelis and Palestinians, I’m proud that British Columbia can be counted as a friend of Israel.”

Most Muslims around the world have been terribly upset at Israel preventing the Palestinians from having their own sovereign state and encouraging illegal settlements on Palestinian territory despite international objections.


  1. Comment emailed to

    I disapprove Premier Christy Clark’s statement on the current Middle East conflict. She does NOT represent all British Columbians when she takes the side of one party to the conflict. Her statement that “we stand with Israel …. Israel has right to defend itself….” could be her own statements but can not be on behalf of British Columbians. As a British Columbian, I believe that Israeli AND Palestinian people have rights to live peacefully, and to fight back when someone is taking their land away from them.

    How about if someone besieges British Columbia for 8 years from land, air and sea. Then slowly takes our land and property from us, and continues to do that. If the international community does not help us, would we have a right to fight back to the oppressor? If you believe we should have a right to fight back, then Palestinians are no different. Look at their demand: “Freedom and access to the world”. Is it too much to ask for? Are only the powerful nations deserving to have more power?

    As a nation, we should support FREEDOM for all people, including Israelis & Palestinians. Both of them should let each other live, FREE from a siege.


    Sikandar Hayat

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