NDP: Changing Massey plan would delay replacement


THE BC NDP said on Monday that it’s plans for the new, toll-free crossing at the Massey are well underway, with government on track for final approval by the end of the year. Any change of course would risk major delays, risk losing federal financing, and set the project back years.

The NDP also pointed out that the BC Liberals are again criticizing Community Benefit Agreements that are nearly identical to Project Labour Agreements they signed when in government. The BC Liberals built or expanded seven dams with Project Labour Agreements:

  • Seven Mile Unit #4 – Seismic Upgrade (2003)
  • Brilliant Power Plant (2007)
  • Revelstoke Unit #5 (2011)
  • Mica Unit #5 (2014)
  • Waneta Power Plant (2015)
  • Mica Unit #6 (2016)
  • John Hart Generating Station (2018)

At these projects, every worker had to join one of 19 BC Building Trades as they do under current Community Benefit Agreements.

Community Benefit Agreements ensure local hiring and procurement whenever possible, and guarantee apprentice spaces to train the next generation of BC workers.