BC Liberals: $8-billion plan to Rebuild B.C., commit to bridge replacing George Massey tunnel

THE B.C. Liberals said on Monday that under them, drivers stuck in the worst traffic bottleneck in Western Canada will finally see a new 10-lane bridge built to replace the George Massey tunnel, the NDP insider scheme will be scrapped and they will add $8 billion over three years to their Rebuild B.C. plan to build more schools, hospitals, transit and roads in every corner of the province.

They said that years of Premier John Horgan and the NDP had given British Columbians a long list of broken promises and plenty of studies but next to nothing when it came to any new infrastructure being built. When the NDP does build anything, it costs more because of their insider contract scheme that pays off their donors and friends while discriminating against 85 per cent of construction workers, the B.C. Liberals said.

“For three years the NDP has intentionally stalled the replacement to the George Massey because they don’t care about families on the either side of the Fraser River,” said BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson. “A BC Liberal government will build a 10-lane bridge to get people moving again and fix this mess that John Horgan and the NDP have created.”

Wilkinson also reminded voters that under the NDP’s insider contract scheme, taxpayers got stuck paying to replace the four-lane Pattullo Bridge which cost $100 million more than necessary — and all we will get is another four-lane bridge.

“This is what you get with John Horgan and the NDP — they take more of your money and make sure their donors and friends are taken care of instead of putting hard-working families first,” said Wilkinson. “Our $8 billion Rebuild B.C. plan will be the biggest infrastructure investment in B.C. history. The BC Liberals know how to get things built and our Rebuild B.C. plan will help get B.C. back on track.”


Major new capital commitments under the Rebuild B.C. plan

BC Liberals say they will rebuild B.C. by accelerating infrastructure investments to meet the needs of our growing population, create jobs, and improve long-term productivity.

They say they will complete all projects the NDP has announced but failed to fund, and they will build new highway and transit projects, schools, hospitals, and new housing all across B.C.

A BC Liberal Government will:

  • Invest $8 billion in additional infrastructure spending to meet growing demands and create over 35,000 direct and indirect jobs. This three-year commitment represents a 35 per cent increase over current capital spending commitments and will be the biggest infrastructure investment in B.C. history with a total investment of $30.9 billion over three years.
  • Immediately replace the George Massey Tunnel with a 10-lane bridge with a dedicated transit/HOV lane in each direction.
  • Continue TransLink expansion to go where the population is growing in Metro Vancouver — including south of the Fraser, the Fraser Valley, and North Vancouver.
  • Expand transportation corridors, including the Trans-Canada Highway.
  • Increase transit hours in the Interior, North and on Vancouver Island.
  • Increase funding for road and bridge maintenance across rural B.C.
  • Upgrade highway rest areas throughout the province.
  • Upgrade and expand emergency rooms, mental health beds and primary care clinics.
  • Expand Foundry Centers and Car 40 mental health services.
  • Upgrade K-12 facilities and building new schools throughout the province.
  • Upgrade and expanding assisted-living and long-term care homes.

Three-year fiscal plan investment allocations:

New spending over three years ($ billions):Total Rebuild B.C. plan over three years ($ billions):
Post-secondary education$0.2$3.3
Housing and other commitments$1.0$4.2

George Massy Tunnel replacement project and related infrastructure

BC Liberals will build a new bridge to improve highway safety, reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to unnecessary idling, and save time for rush-hour commuters.

A BC Liberal Government will:

  • Immediately build a new 10-lane bridge to replace the George Massey tunnel, complete with a dedicated transit/HOV lane in each direction. This project will create 9,000 new jobs.
  • Proceed immediately with Highway 99 improvements from South Surrey across the Fraser River to the Canada Line Bridgeport Station (a complete package of transit, road, cycling and pedestrian facilities).
  • Proceed immediately with a continuous median transit lane from South Surrey to the Canada Line Bridgeport Station (in preparation for future transit options).
  • Revise the interchange plans for Highway 99 at Steveston Highway to align with community plans.


  1. Meanwhile, Surrey and its neighboring “South of Fraser” cities continue to be without a network of SkyTrain lines linking the SOF’s town centres and commerce hubs,

    … making the SOF far less attractive to investors and businesses than the “North of Fraser’ sub-region and its extensive network of 4 SkyTrain lines (Expo, Millennium, Evergreen and Canada Line SkyTrain lines) , and the West Coast Express heavy rail line…

    .. And both the BC Libs and BC NDP continue their decades of neglect of and prejudice towards the SOF… by committing $$ Billions to pay for a sixth legitimate rail rapid-transit line for the NOF (the first phase of the $8.5 Billion “UBC Line” subway project)…. and zero $$ to pay for the building of SkyTrain lines in the far more needy SOF sub-region..

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