NDP slams Conservatives for defending immigration processing errors

Jinny Sims
Jinny Sims

CONSERVATIVES are defending high rates of errors in the immigration application process, instead of showing applicants the care and attention they deserve, says the federal NDP.

“The Conservatives continue to cut department funding, while they replace full time permanent staff with casual staff, and when things go wrong they turn around and blame the staff,” said NDP MP Jinny Sims (Newton-North Delta). “These are hundreds of people waiting for everything from permanent residence to refugee work permits that are being mistreated in this process.”

Of 996 permanent residence application files handled over a five-week period, 617 contained errors ranging from missing items, incomplete or no timeline, to complete with the incorrect template.

“We’re talking about people’s livelihood, and the minister has his head in the sand,” said Sims. “It’s time the Conservatives stop passing blame and fix the Canadian immigration system.”