NDP: Wilkinson must live up to his commitment on homophobia and fire candidate Kunst

THE NDP said on Tuesday that if B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson wants to live up to his promise that there is “no room” for homophobia and transphobia in his party, he must fire Langley East candidate Margaret Kunst immediately. 

Kunst voted against a rainbow crosswalk at a Langley Council meeting just one week ago – on the same day Wilkinson handpicked her as his candidate in Langley East, the NDP said.

The installation of a rainbow crosswalk in Langley is supported by both the RCMP and the School Board as a show of support for vulnerable LGBTQ youth and the wider community. The crosswalk will connect the two buildings, and will require no funding from Langley Council. 

BC NDP candidate Spencer Chandra Herbert said: “LGBTQ children and youth continue to face discrimination and harm, and rainbow crosswalks are a symbol for a safe and welcoming community. There is no way to justify voting against this project in 2020. Andrew Wilkinson needs to stand for human rights, and fire his candidate immediately.”

Full video of the September 21 council meeting can be found on the Township website: http://tol.ca.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=788